Travel around by Seishun 18 kippu

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Hi, this is Sue*
Long time no see my fans.
I have not updated these months, so I update for some my fans who check my website often.

Huh? Who is this girl??
It’s me!! Me, Sue!!

I applied a audition, AKB idol group for adult.
But I lost from document audition(lol).

Anyway, I don’t know about AKB member and their songs at all, so if I could go to real audition, I will be in trouble though.

I have applied other 2 audition when I was in university.
So this was 3rd time I applied.

I had to attach my face photo to that, so I used this photo.

Hahaha, it’s not good photo to audition but I didn’t have good one as I knew the audition by TV at the dead line day.

Well, this story finished and I will write about travel by Seishun 18 Kippu!
It’s special train ticked just in Spring, Summer and Winter for 1 month.
The price is 11,500yen and can use it for 5 days for any local train all over Japan.
I had used the ticket before to Hakone last time.
But I didn’t know the ticket’s power.

I wanted to pass a souvenir to Naomi that I bought it in South East Asia trip.
I always go to Tokyo by night bus but I found I can use Seishun 18 kippu!

So let’s go to Tokyo from Fukui~*

I left my home at 8am and took local train.
That’s aweasome I can go to Tokyo in the same day by local train!

It’s Mt. Fuji when the train passed Shizuoka-ken!!
Aweasome! Huge! Beautiful!! (>▽<)

Then I got to Tokyo after 11 hours by changing train 10 times.
I felt pain on feet..

写真 写真
I brought my favorite wine for souvenir and took dinner with Naomi*

I visited shared house X-garden, many company president live there and heard about interesting story.

I visited Sennin-san who met me in Swiss first time and visited last year, he said he give me hand made jam.

Hand made jam with bread*
He wanted to make website, so I helped it for looking free server.
Then we ate cheese fondu together and drunk a lot of wine from noon*

He gave me his hand made pot*
Thank you so much***

I went to Nikko to visit Tomomi who met in Koh Tao.

It took 3 hours by train from Tokyo.
She wore thick jacket, I didn’t know Nikko is so cold place…!
It was rainy day too…

写真 写真
Anyway we went to Nikko Toshogu.

She took me to her Ryokan after Nikko, but it took 2 hours from Nikko by car!

写真 写真
She drove such road over the mountain.

We got to Teshirozawa Onsen~!
Usually people have to walk 2 hours on the mountain pass but she took me there by car as special guest!(>▽<)

Still snow!!!!
I never expect I come such a place(LOL)

写真 写真
The place is very inside of the mountain but the Ryokan is very new, big and clean!
They have wi-fi too!

This is my room*
What a rich feeling***

I go to dinner room.

写真 写真
Whoa~, huge and warm with fireplace!

写真 写真 写真 写真 写真
I ate everything and full!

Onsen just for me~*
This onsen was found by Tomomi’s grand grand father when he was hunting in the mountain.

Tomomi came to my room for chatting with wine and cheese*
It was so fun!!

Fantastic Break fast~*

Onsen in the morning just for me again~*
Feeling so good…

I enjoyed the Onsen very much, then we left there by Tomomi’s car.

She drove small mountain road again, but we found rock slide sometimes.
She stopped car and took it away.
Wow, is here Japan!?!? It’s like a New Zealand!!

We stopped at in front of the lake.
It’s like a New Zealand too.

We stopped at Oosasa farm for eating ice cream and bought souvenir.

Hey, it’s really like a New Zealand!!

写真 写真
She drove mountain road with seeing such scenery, then got to Nikko again~.

Lunch at Tomomi’s favorite restaurant*

Well, today was not rainy.
We visited a Hutaarayama shurine then visited Ieyasu Tokugawa’s shrine.

We enter to Ieyasu Tokugawa’s shrine~.
…Well, it was sooooo cool!!
I didn’t take camera this time and took photos by iPod touch though, I shoud have brought good camera!!
I wanna visit here again to take good photos!!

This is just a door but so cool!!

写真 写真 写真 写真
Soooooo cooooool!!!!
I wanna see that all day!!(>▽<)
It better than Versailles for me!!
It became my favorite place in the world!!

I said thank and good bye to Tomomi, then went back to Tokyo.

写真 写真
Dinner at our favorite Indian restaurant with Naomi*

写真 写真
We joined Hanami by Couch Surfing at Inogashira park.

I found famous manga artist, Kazuo Umezu’s house!
Very cute!!

I walked aroud Asagaya Anime street that opened just 29th March.

There was not so many shop yet but I found anime costume rental shop.

When I walked at the Asagaya shopping road, I got this flower pot for free!!(>▽<)
I didn’t know that but they had local festival at the day.

Naomi gave me early birthday present*
Thank you so much!!

Dinner with good wine~, Kanpa-i**

I wanted to walk through Imperial Palace street but it was too late.

I just walked on moat side.

I waked through under the fantastic Sakura trees on moat side park.

写真 写真
I got to Yasukuni shrine.

写真 写真 写真
I entered the museum but it closed soon.

I walked around the park in the Yasukuni Shrine.
It’s beautiful~*

I walked Akihabara a little bit.

I met Ume-chan, my travel friend at Korean BBQ restaurant*
I meet her everytime when I come to Tokyo.

Well, if I gat call from AKB’s audition, I stayed Tokyo longer but I went back to Fukui.
I have to move quickly to use Seishun 18 kippu!

I left Tokyo 8am in the morning, then got Fukui at 7:30pm.
Then headed to Kyoto next day.

Enter price was 400yen but it was nothing…
I don’t recommend here, I can’t understand why they charge money here.

Ko-ethu temple for 300yen.

写真 写真
It was better than Genko-en.
Well then I headed to Haradanien by walk.
I wanted to go there from last year to see Sakura.

Wow! It’s already great Sakura at normal people’s house!

It’s park on the way, Sakura is awesome too!!

Then got to Haradanien finally~!
It’s amazing.
It’s fantastic than I thought.

写真 写真 写真 写真 写真 写真 写真 写真
I met Hideko-san who have Monja restaurant in Tokyo and Yoshikawa-san who bought house in Kyoto who came from Chiba when I walked around the park.
They took photo of me and took photo together*
They came here alone like me.
I didn’t expect such meeting in Kyoto*

I can show you movie!
It’s awesome!

I can stay here all day!!

I stayed there about 2 hours, then walked down a mountain.

Walk walk to Omuro Ninna-ji.

This is late Sakura in Ninnaji.

I met Nakano-san to eat Sushi together*
Thank you so much***

Then I went back to Fukui at the same day~.

Traveling by Seishun 18 kippu finished~!
I didn’t know this ticket was so useful!

Fukui to Tokyo
Tokyo to Nikko
Nikko to Tokyo
Tokyo to Fukui
Fukui to Kyoto return.

It was 11,500yen for 5 days, if the train price is more than 2,300yen for 1 day, it’s so reasonable!!

Wow, I wanna buy the ticket again at next chance!(>▽<)

Seishun 18 Kippu finished~.

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