Osaka and Kyoto

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I went to Osaka and Kyoto*

At first I visited to Nakano-san’s house in Kyoto.
He is my friend since Thailand.
When I come to Kyoto, I visit him every time actually.

Nakano’s noodle, thank you!!

I asked him to make signboard for me as he used to be signboard maker!

He made signboard for me~!!
(About making signboard, I wrote it at Thai massage blog.)

I and Nakano-san went to “Gakushinsha”, the academic space for communication.

There was Oceania party and eat Nabe with watching Australian movie!

After the party, it was like a student’s dorm(LOL).

I stayed the Gakushinsha for a night.
Next morning, Genki-san from Gakusinsha took me to Soy-milk noodle restaurant for lunch.
The restaurant was Mame-zen.

Soy-milk noodle.
This is fantastic!!
Very healthy and yummy~!!
I ate all even soup!!

Matcha ice cream for dessert*

Genki-san showed around Kyoto for me, then went to dinner.

At Western-style restaurant at Demachi-yanagi.
It was just 650yen(About 7USD) but main dish with salada-bar, unlimited rice and curry!
So reasonable!!!

I moved to Osaka to stay my best friend Chee’s place.

写真 写真 写真
We went to Capricciosa, a Italian restaurant.
But it was too much for us…
Moreover, we ordered squid ink pasta though, it made our teeth black, we couldn’t open our mouth so much anymore…(LOL)
You’d better not to eat squid ink pasta when you do dating..!

I cooked curry and rice,

we ate dim sum from 551, a famous shop in Osaka, and rolled sushi for special day.

I bought strawberry mousse from Morozoff,

we ate fruits cake at Namba***

I ate hamburger for lunch with N-san who got my Thai massage at Shin-Osaka.

I met K-san at Nishi-Umeda.
K-san sent me message first when he found my website.
He thought I’m interesting girl and wanted to meet me for curiosity.
So it was first time to meet him though, he took me very good restaurant at Hilton!

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The dinner price was 7000yen(About 80USD) each person!
Phew~, this was like a Las Vegas!!
Thank you so much!!!

After the dinner, K-san took me to his regular drink-bar at Kita-shinchi.
Kita-shinchi is expensive place to drink actually!
It was first time I came there!!

He said sing something, then I sang Jailhouse rock by Presley.
I was good singer, so other guests wanted handshake with me(LOL).

Anyway, thank K-san to take me interesting place!!

Well, I went back to Kyoto to visit Mame-zen again.
I did Thai massage for the owner and he let me stay his place as he was couch host!!

The owner played Shaku-hachi, a Japanese old instrument!
I and other 2 Australian musician enjoyed the Shaku-hachi concert*

I had next reservation for Thai massage in Fukui, but she canceled it, then I didn’t need to go back Fukui.

写真 写真
I joined Crab-pot party at Mame-zen*
3 French girls came to the party too.
The Crab was soooo yummy!

I visited Nakano-san’s house again.
We made Tako-yaki and drunk together*

He had chocolate from Belgium from couch surfer.

It’s come from Costa Rica from other couch surfer too.
This one was the best chocolate I have ever eaten!!
Super yummy!!
I guess it’s the best chocolate in the world!!
If I go to Costa Rica, I will buy it for sure!!!!

Ramen noodle at Shimpuku-saikan.
Looks salty but not so salty.
The meat was good.

When I went back Fukui, my home, my Korean friend Ik-sou sent me gift!!
It’s charcoal face-back!!
Thank you so much!!!

I had good experience at this time as usual~! Thanks all!!

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