Tokyo again

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I went to Tokyo again 🙂

Where I went…?

I met Ko-chan after a half years at Akihabara, he took me artist street, then Ameyoko shopping street.

He love traveling and cooking, he wanted to go somewhere interesting…!

He found the place…!! Smells like China town!?!?

Wow!! There are Isramic ladies in Tokyo!?

Wow!! There are many kind of seasonings in Tokyo!?

I couldn’t find coconut oil anywhere, but I found it here!!

Ko-chan impressed here as he found many spices!!

We didn’t know such a place in Tokyo!!

There are live Shang hai crab in Tokyo!?
Where are we~!!(LOL)

There are eel from Australia in Tokyo!?
Also soft-shell turtle!?

There are many big block meat that we don’t find normal supermarket.

We never imagine there is such a secret China town in Ameyoko!!
If someone wanna buy Asian foos, come here.

Well, I stayed Naomi’s place in Tokyo as usuall.
She said she go museum on holiday, so I requested we go to Japanese art museum.

We came Edo Tokyo Museum then 🙂

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Wow!! Interesting!!

There were some spots I could take picture here!

写真 写真 写真
It’s me~ 🙂

The museum was fun!!

Next, I met Masaki who are traveling around the world more than 180 countries.
He came back Japan for several days, so I wanted to meet him.

We drunk and had chat for 4 hours.

He gave me this for souvenir from New Zealand.

Next, I met Fumin who met me in Laos 3 years ago!
She took me to French restaurant for lunch*

写真 写真
I love meet the people who met me somewhere in the world!!

Last dinner at Naomi’s house was pork pot*
I love pork~~, so yummy~!!

My Tokyo staying finished quickly, I went back to Fukui by night bus.
There were snowing and much colder than Tokyo…

But Noarin, my good friend and married with New Zealand man, came back Fukui from New Zealand at that time, so I met Naorin*

She took me restaurant for lunch~!!!
Thank you!!!

Then we went to Naorin’s house,

she served Mizu-yokan that local winter sweets in Fukui***
And hot calpis 🙂
I’m happy~***

Naorin took me my home by car.
When I came back home, I found a box under the Xmas tree!!

I opened it!!

Wow!! Preasent from Jeong Ah, a couch host at South Korea!!

Korean laver and coffee~***
Whee~!! Thank you!!!

Then I ate Xmas cake that mom made 😀
Have a nice year end!

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