Foods in Osaka

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Well, I went to Osaka after 3 months~*

I went to Chiee’s house first to stay, she said she wanna eat my curry and rice, she bought ingredients already.

I made Sue’s style Japanese curry and rice 🙂
Kanpa-i!(Cheers in Japanese.)

I went to blood donation room when I come to Osaka every time 🙂

I and Chiee ate Ramen in Tenka-ippin.

Ate yogurt ice cream for dessert*

I joined international dinner event for 2000yen, drink and dinner*

There were Midosuji-festival in Midosuji, we walked to Namba.

写真 写真
I and Chiee ate pancake in popular cafe 🙂

We ate Chinese style small ban, but it was too hot!
Then I did Thai massage for K-san at night.

I met Nori-san after 2 years, who are doing mobile Thai massage in Osaka.

He took me to good restaurant for lunch where was 27F on the high building.
Unlimited drink and food except main dish for 1000yen!(about 12USD)
Very yummy and good!! Thank you Nori-san!!

He took me to other new building and went to 16F for dessert.
We ate waffle and coffee, it was expensive than lunch(LOL).
Thank you Nori-san!!

I and Chee went to Shinsaibashi and Namba for shopping and karaoke 🙂
I got many cute clothes*

We found game center and printing seal machine, called Purikura.
It’s very famous in Japan for young people.
So why don’t we try Prikura!!

Actually, it’s already 15 years ago we took Purikura…so the system changed.
It’s a little bit complected!!
But anyway, we tried.

These years, Purikura makes our eyes strange big, so we try not such a machine…


Woooow!! The machine made my eyes like Furby!!(LOL)
(But your eyes go to the person on the right, right?)


Wow, it’s good quality!!
(But Chiee didn’t like show her face on the internet.)

For the last, we went to Capricciosa, Italian restaurant.

Squid and tuna salad,

Tomato and garlic spaghetti, my favorite~***

Whoa~, Osaka is fun!

I bought Buta-man, pork ban, on the train station and went back to Fukui, country side by train.

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