A boy cycles around Japan

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I have a friend Mika, but we ever have met in Japan.

I met her in New Zealand first, then she came to travel to Thailand, then we met in Montreal then we traveled together for a week.
She is in Canada by working holiday visa now.

At night, I got a message from her.

Hey Sue-san!
Just I got a message from Hide-kun though, he is in Fukui now on the way to cycle around Japan!
If you had a time, please call him 😀

Are you sure~~~!?!?

Hide-kun is the young brother of Mika.
Come to think of it, I also have met with Hide-kun in New Zealand and Thailand.

I called Hide-kun’s mobile and he was in 15km away from my place!
But it’s midnight already, so he stay Michino-eki(Road station) tonight.

So Hide-kun came to my home next noon~!! Welcome~!! XD

Wow!! He has the sigh “日本一周”(Cycle around Japan) on front and back! Cooool!!

He gave me souvenir..!!
Thank you so much***
He is 22 years old now, what a courtesy!!

He took a shower first,

then I prepared the lunch for him 😀
with Italian wine and American cheese*

Well, tell me your travel story!

He traveled around 88 point Shikoku area by walking for a month, then now he is on the cycle journey for every prefecture in Japan!
He is sleeping on Michino-eki most of the time.
(Michino-eki is public road station and can be stay at night sometimes. It’s just a rest space but can sleep secretly(LOL) It’s very clean and not danger in Japan you know :))

Wow, that’s so interesting!!

North from my house, I know many place to stay for free as I also traveled by walking to Hokkaido last year!
So I told him many information and introduced some couch surfing place too.

Ah~, Hide-kun makes me to do cycling travel~ XD

Well, it’s a chance too, so let’s do short trip with me~!!

Hide-kun cycles, I ride on motor cycle(LOL), going rural road~*

We got to “Echizen Soba’s village“.

Echizen Oroshi Soba!
So yummy***

Actually, Hide-kun and I don’t like Soba so much but this soba was very good!

Bolga rice!!
So yummy***
The topping, fried Soba’s pieces was good smell and taste!!

Soba’s soft cream for dessert.
The topping, soba’s seed was so yummy!! XD
Hide-kun bought it to me, thanks!!

We went to Takefu knife village next.

写真 写真
Woow! We can see how to make knife very close!

There is knife making course once a year too!

Looks interesting~!!!
I might apply!! XD

We came to Echizen Washi village next.

I came here for the first time though,

there are many beautiful Washi paper~!!
How they make such a beautiful paper?

We did short trekking on the mountain,

then Hide-kun headed to North to Hokkaido~.

Good luck~!!!

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