Into Houttuynia cordata

English Japanese

Well, I enjoyed many roses like for art, potpourri, air freshener in the fridge, rose tea and put into Miso-soup.

On the other hand, I was thinking about Dokudami(Houttuynia cordata in English) these days very much.

It’s one of herb, my grandmother took it and made Dokudami tea when I was child.
My friend just knew standard tea, Mugi-cha, so I was rare 🙂

I wanna drink Dokudami tea again…it was 20 years ago…
When I said so to my mom,

wow!! She took Dokudami from our garden!!

We washed all and bound some Dokudamis by string,

dry Dokudami 😀
In few days, we can drink Dokudami tea, yeah~!! XD

Well, come to think about dokudami, it’s type of herb, so can’t I make skin lotion by that?
I searched it in internet, I found I can make skin lotion by leaves and even flowers!?
Ok, I try it!!

These days, I just thought about Dokudami, so I already know where Dokudamis are 😀

There is the Dokudami place these are 100% organic XD
Dogs doesn’t walk here, even human don’t come here, so clean and good ones~*
I cut flowers and put these into 35% white Vodka.

full of Dokudami flowers on the glass bottle*

Whoa~, looks beautiful~ 🙂

From then, I really became interested in Dokudami!!
When I went to library, I found a good book about Dokudami power!!

Well, let’s make Dokudami lotion and hair growth tonic by raw leaves~!!

Dokudami’s raw leaves 120g
35~42% white vodka 180cc
Vegetable oil like a olive, flower or sesame’s for 2 tea spoon.(or 2 tablets of Vitamin E’s)

I took these Dokudami from nearby organic garden.
But I frighted with many mosquitoes though!(>_<)

I cut leaves a each by scissors.

50g by 100 leaves.

50g by 100 leaves again.

more 20g by 40 leaves.

Then 120g altogether Dokudami’s leaves,

I wash these by enough water.

take off the water,

dry leaves on the towels…
but it’s take long hours, so I took off the water by hand by towel.

There are 120g clean leaves now 😀

I cut leaves and make paste.

Dokudami paste!
…but it takes forever!!
I use blender from now!!

I added 180cc white vodka and blend these.

I made Dokudami vodka now.

squeeze juice by Japanese cotton towel.

whoa~, what a beautiful color! XD

Just this quantity that I made.. what a precious!!

Then I put this bottle in the fridge for 10days, then add 2 tea spoon vegetable oil to done.

I made same one for growth hair tonic though, that one I have to leave it for a month.

I can’t wait~!! XD

At the night, I put the remain and stalks into bath,

Dokudami bath~*** XD
It makes my skin so good and good smell 😀
I mainly put rice bran to the bath though, Dokudami is good too~!!

I took out the remain again from the bath, and dried it.

I tried making incense.
After 2days when it’s dried, I put fire to burn it….but it didn’t burn~(>_<)

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