Making of Sausage

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Nakano-san had a recreation trip in town’s community, so I thought I go back Fukui at the same time.

I asked Nakano-san where he goes to recreation trip, he said making of sausage.

What’s that!! Sounds so fun!!! Can’t I join it!?

Generally speaking, just same town’s people can join, but fortunately there are still seats, I could join it in 2000yen(about 25USD).

Oh~! Please let me join it!! XD

Well then, I got on the bus with town’s people.
Nice to meet you neighbor~ 😀

They gave us snack and beer, very good time on the bus already.
The guide explained scenery on the way to destination.

In 1 hour, we arrived at Moku-Moku hand making farm in Kouga-shi, Shiga.

We can see pigs walking around here freely, can horse riding, can do strawberry picking and can join making of bread.

We town’s people join making of sausage class.

There are already stuffs for sausage making.
We separated 10 people at a each table, then the sausage making class is started!!

At first, the stuff explain how to do.
Mix red and white meat by hand, then mix with small ice blocks by hand, add spice.

It was soooo cold as mixed with ice blocks!! So we turned next person and person.
Well, I didn’t know it need mix meat with ice blocks for making sausage!!

Put into the mixed meat to the tube about 90%,

attache the sheep’s intestines from New Zealand,

move the trigger, the meat is pushed to intestines.

when all the meat is pushed into, cut the intestines and make a knot, then fold at half point,

twist at half point.

then twist the 1/2 or 1/3 point of it again, this time put the part into the hole that it made first, for not twist back.

This is the sausage!!

Staff boiled it for us, then in 20min,

It’s done!!! XD
Soooo nice!!!!

We ate the sample, and the other sausage we took it back for souvenir*
We got 10 piece of sausage a each. Yeah!!

Whoa~, this was how to make sausage~, so interesting!!!

Well then, we moved to inside the farm, the babe show is started!

Cute babes was coming slowly, they jumped and slide on the slope and broke the show ball.

This is the lunch, local pork BBQ with free drink***
We drunk 3 kind of local beer, what a yummy~~~~~!!!
The pork were soooo goooood!!!!
I’m so happy to join here!!! Thank you so much~ XD

After lunch, we walked around the farm.

Walk walk.

I ate local soft cream,

we saw the cute little horses*

Like this, I enjoyed all day here!!
What a fun~~~~****
They gave me orange juice on the bus on the way back to Kyoto, I really say thank to town’s people!!

2 or 3 nights in Kyoto was my first plan, but I stayed 8 nights finally XD

See, these are souvenir from Kyoto 😀
I bought the cheese too that imported from USA(LOL), as I can’t buy it in my place (country side).
To tell you the truth, I have eating cheese and drinking wine every day after I came back from Europe trip!!

Then this is the small table that Nakano-san made it for me.
Ummmm, it’s very convenient and useful, I can put something under the laptop!! XD

It was good I went to Kyoto!
Thank you very much Nakano-san!! =)

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